Double Stallion on the Airwaves!

08 May Double Stallion on the Airwaves!

Very recently, last night in fact, Nicolas had a great time being interviewed by the francophone video game podcast “Réalité Augmentée”, with hosts JB Gagné et Luc Desormeaux.

During the show, Nicolas talks about his start and history in game development, insights, updates and changes coming to Big Action Mega Fight! for all platforms. Plus: secret and exciting new Double Stallion announcements concerning our next projects. Head over to their site to listen! The interview is conducted in French and starts around the 8 minute mark.

In addition, in case you missed it, Eric was interviewed a while back  by the great crew at the Guys With Pencils podcast. A wonderful show about art, animation and video games. Take a gander and listen over here!

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