State of the Stallions: May

04 Jun State of the Stallions: May

I’m going to interrupt our program about prototypes to give a quick State of the Stallions update. April and May have been absolutely crazy months and it’s been difficult to keep up with blog posts!

Gallantry Gallop

Gallantry Gallop

In late April, the entire Double Stallion team took a road trip to Toronto to attend TOJam. It marked the first time that our team participated in a jam together, and we had a lot of fun! We made a game called Gallantry Gallop: A politeness race where you must tip your hat to every gentleman or lady you encounter. We’re planning to release the game for free as soon as we’ve touched it up a bit. We built Gallantry Gallop in Unity, which the team is still learning. Aside from some stomach trouble on the way there (to put it lightly), everything went without a hitch. We managed to create a decent game in 48 hours and learn the basics of Unity. We worked alongside some great indies from Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

A happy Double Stallion family poses at TOJam.

A happy Double Stallion family poses at TOJam.

We’ve got a couple of projects brewing. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably seen screenshots or videos of Luna, our latest prototype. In Luna, you play as Miss Wells, an astronomer that crash-lands on the Moon. Miss Wells must master the powers of a film camera to navigate the sepia-tone lunar environment. You will be able to adjust the focus, exposure and zoom of the camera to modify the world around you. The best way to explain it is to show you what it looks like. Take a look at these gifs.

Luna Puzzle Solving

During May, we worked to get the entire idea of Luna on paper and submit it to the Canada Media Fund. The CMF works with lots of Canadian studios to fund innovative titles like Contrast, Guacamelee and Papo & Yo. We’re crossing our fingers that we will be able to make Luna a reality with the help of the CMF. The game is in early development at the moment (i.e. hacky prototype) and we are excited to develop more of the game mechanics and story. Here are a few more concept images of Luna.

May culminated last week with the Ottawa Internation Game Conference. Stephane and I were invited to give a post-mortem of Big Action Mega Fight and it went very well. You can see the slides on our Publications page. We shared our uncensored results with BAMF, both good and bad. Giving that talk really forced us to take another look at the problems we faced. We had done a postmortem of BAMF before, but doing it publicly at a conference forced us to dig deeper, find the true roots of our problems and think up solutions. Talking openly about BAMF and our struggles with the free-to-play model helped give closure to our experience at Execution Labs. Now that we gained some stability, it’s much easier to look back and see the mistakes we made along the way.  The team discussions we had while preparing the talk were pretty inspiring. They reinforced our commitment to quality and ensured that we we are continually improving our process. My advice here is simple, if you want to get fired up for your next project and learn from your mistakes: do a postmortem.

OIGC 2014 - 1

Stéphane & Dan wooing their captive audience! So fierce. (photo by Jennifer Whitson)

Speaking of BAMF, we’ve worked on it quite a bit in the last month. There will be a big announcement about this soon. Stay tuned! The best way to keep in touch is by joining our mailing list (no spam, we promise).