Job Posting: 2D Animator (Added February 2019).

Double Stallion Games creates unique player experiences in familiar action genres using gorgeous 2D hand-animated aesthetics that feel fresh and dynamic to modern players.

We are currently ramping up and looking for a passionate full-time 2D Animator to join our team. Our ideal candidate is comfortable working in Toon Boom Harmony software in both traditional frame-by-frame and cut-out animation styles.

We are looking for someone who can:

  • Create visually stunning 2D character and FX animations
  • Clean-up, colour and rig over rough animations to create polished final animations
  • Re-skin character animations with new costumes/items/accessories
  • Ensure animations are efficient and organized
  • Optimize assets to ensure the game runs smoothly
  • Follow established art direction based on style guides/design bible and concept art

Ideal Requirements:

  • Formal training in traditional animation or equivalent work experience
  • Strong draftsmanship skills
  • Familiarity with western-style cartoon animation as well as anime-style design/appeal
  • At ease with both character and FX animation
  • Familiarity with gaming animation constraints and the ability to work within them
  • Ability to follow directions and participate in multiple tasks
  • Ability to innovate and go beyond while still following an established style guide/design bible
  • Demonstrate strong organizational skills
  • Positive attitude and ability to give and receive constructive criticism

Ideal Assets:

  • Flexible and adept at also designing characters, environments, UI, etc.
  • Comfortable working in Toon Boom Harmony for traditional, peg and bone animation
  • Adept in Adobe Photoshop and Animate (Flash)
  • Familiarity with the Unity game engine

Benefits Offered include:

  • Family health insurance, including dental and vision

To apply please submit a cover letter, a current resume and your portfolio/demo reel to info@dblstallion.comOnly candidates who provide links to their portfolio/demo reel will be considered.