Double Stallion is a boutique development studio that delivers unparalleled 2D action games to discerning customers.

We build clever and reliable systems to bring bold and vibrant player experiences to life.

Punch up, double down.


Dan Menard

Vincent Hippoman
Gameplay Programmer & Game Designer

Stephane Beniak
Gameplay Programmer & Game Designer

Eric Angelillo
Art Director

Lee Thomas
Creative Director & Writer

Jérémie Gagné
Gameplay Programmer

Etienne Marie
Lead Artist

Doug Harvey
Principal Artist

Liv Lunde
Operations Director

Elliot Jones

Mike Horowitz

Kelly Hornung
Narrative Designer & Writer

Justin Sennema
Level Designer

Maxime Léveillé
Systems Programmer

Marina Pimentel
Level Artist

Guillaume Ménard
Development QA Tester